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I never actually imagined submitting anything to Newgrounds since I never created anything worthy. At least thats what I thought about my Flash - which was what I presumed I'd upload - as I primarily make websites/interfaces and am in no way an animator; the thought of animating a person makes my head hurt!
I always loved music, and call me a geek or whatever but Video Game OSTs have always gripped my attention. Final Fantasy, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Golden Sun and Sonic are just a few of my favorites.

I studied Music at GCSE and Music technology at A level, and have donea few live recordings and had to sequence and arrange for coursework at A level, so I'm familiar with Cubase, Sibelius and Garage Band.
So I decided that I might have a mess around with my favorite tunes.
All of them have turned out way better than I expected so I submitted them hoping for critique and other people's perspectives as of course; I'm bias. The scores so far seem pretty good for a first attempt if you ask me. I welcome comments and even if I don't reply I will take constructive criticism in order to improve my skills.

A big thanks to anyone who has voted or reviewed, or even listened to my submissions.

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